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Hi, my name is Dieter Meszaros and I own & manage Clarence Valley First Aid.

My family moved to the Grafton district when I was aged 15. I started teaching First Aid back in 1980 when I was 18. Back then, First Aid Courses were only held at the Grafton Ambulance Station under the supervision of the Ambulance Officers. I owe these Paramedics a great deal of gratitude for their time & assistance.

I gained field experience in First Aid when I joined as a volunteer in the Grafton Road Rescue Team, attending numerous incidents including the Cowper Bus Disaster. I also became an instructor in the emergency services.

With the experience gained and further training at TAFE I obtained the qualifications and skills to train others in First Aid procedures, which lead me to establish Clarence Valley First Aid. I now provide quality First Aid Training to just under one thousand clients on the north coast every year, ranging from individuals looking for their Child Care First Aid certificate, through to on-site work place training.

If you need First Aid training or kits, please contact the office anytime. Let’s not meet by accident.

Dieter Meszaros

Clarence Valley First Aid, Grafton, NSW
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